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At intelebee we offer an all round service to our clients, supporting them throughout the planning, design, development and deployment of their project

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Cloud Capabilities
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Services
Microsoft Azure

We help your company in setting up heterogeneous cloud environments, achieving high productivity and efficiency, and securely transitioning your data to the appropriate cloud solution.

We help your company in setting up heterogeneous cloud environments, achieving high productivity and efficiency, and securely transitioning your data to the appropriate cloud solution.

Migration & Assessment
  • Develop a migration plan after assessing and reviewing all applications.
  • Identify the migration methodologies and safeguard against data loss.
  • Improve and upgrade the applications to be cloud compliant.
  • Refactor and Rewrite the applications for conforming to the cloud architecture.
  • Improve speed to market.
  • Use DevOps tools and agile approach to deploy applications.
  • Use APIs to expose the application and scale based on the use.
  • Create new services to scale in cloud.
  • Monitor and Manage the applications in cloud.
  • Identify the workload metrics to manage the services efficiently.
  • Integrate the current services in cloud using rapid integration technologies.
Strategy and Architecture
  • Platform architecture.
  • Solution architecture.
  • Tools identification.
  • Security & governance best practices.
Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)
Data Storage

The ability to store data in tables is a key feature of an RDBMS. Each table is made up of several rows and columns that contain the actual values. Tables provide a consistent framework for storing structured data.

SQL Commands:

An RDBMS enables users to run queries using SQL commands. Based on the user’s input, the device uses various commands to store new data, change existing data, perform searches, and retrieve data.

ACID Transactions

An RDBMS’s ability to ensure ACID (atomicity, purity, isolation, and durability) transactions is another important function. This feature ensures that all transactions are complete, compliant with all given rules, and free of errors, system crashes, and power outages.

Cross-Platform Support

Some RDBMSs are available for Android, iOS, Solaris, Linux, Mac, VxWorks, Windows, and Unix. RDBMSs can thus be used on smartphones, PDAs, MP3 players, laptops, computers, and set-top boxes.

Replication and Partitioning:

The best RDBMSs include a feature that allows users to partition tables and replicate data. Database users can break down tables and indexes into smaller, easier-to-manage pieces.


Understanding Your Product Idea

We don't just develop solutions out of experience or curiosity, but an extensive analysis of your product idea.

Planning a Solution:

Once we are set on your product idea, our team starts planning a solution that best fits your business requirements.


As soon as a solution is assembled, the team implements it in real-time and does rigorous testing for any bugs or issues that may arise.




Our mobile solutions are the result of a thorough understanding of your business model as well as extensive research on product objectives, consumer needs, and demands.


Planning, Design and Development:

Our mobile development experts use well-defined techniques to design and create the most suitable apps for your company, whether it’s a content-based app, a games app, an e-learning app, or a business app.


Support and maintenance:

We aren't just about application development and deployment. Following the development of the app, our support team ensures proper and frequent maintenance through rigorous mobile testing processes.


Our experienced team of developers strive to create out-of-the-box products for your company by using the latest up-to-date technologies, from modeling to engineering to prototyping to building your desired product!

The Process:

The first and most important step is to analyze the criteria and estimate the budget accordingly.

Define Strategies

Following the completion of the initial planning, appropriate objectives are identified and the budget is approved.


The team designs the product architecture and selects the tools and technologies that will be used throughout.


At this point, the strategy is eventually put into motion. The product is created using the tools and frameworks that have been chosen.


When the product is complete, we conduct end-to-end testing and bug fixing to ensure that it is error-free.


The product is ready for deployment after thorough testing.

How We

Introduction call with business development

We must first gather basic information about your project and its objectives, including major milestones.

Introduction to your project manager

An in-depth call with your technical expert/project manager to discuss your product vision, to get answers to your questions and to set a deadline for delivery.


In each and every phase of the project, we carry out comprehensive testing to ensure that it meets quality standards and ready for a smooth launch.

Push live!

Go liver with your app and start expanding your business!


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With Over A Decade Of Experience, We Are Your One-Stop Shop Of Experts!

Intelebee is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has been serving US businesses for years. We take pride in introducing mobile growth initiatives and giving a fresh outlook on large-scale projects due to our top-tier management of cross-functional teams, capacity for understanding agile projects, and experience with system technology and design of all shapes and sizes.

We specialize in Cloud development/ integration/ migration/ deployment, mobile applications, IOT, product engineering, and maintenance; We do it all!

Founder of Intelebee LLC

Supratim De is the Founder and Partner of Intelebee LLC, A leading Cloud, Mobile, and IoT technology solutions provider based in Austin, Texas. My combined veteran experience and vision prompted the formation of Intelebee LLC, which identified a gap in the IT solutions market. Intelebee specializes in Custom Cloud Solutions and Mobile Architecture to ensure your company's growth.

For over 22 years, I have worked in the Enterprise Data Warehousing space, establishing myself as a premier presence in a variety of fields. I have been an integral part of several market-leading companies and their development teams in several industry initiatives, therefore, with the launch of Intelebee, we became the solution provider for an arsenal of top-tier clients in several fields, establishing our versatility, superiority, and commitment to the creation of premier business solutions.


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